Can I Still Cook Like a Top Chef? Season Two.

Can I Still Cook Like a Top Chef?

It’s baaack!!!

It’s been a couple of years since I have cooked at a professional level. I work at a diner, but, with all due respect to the place, I don’t consider deep frying frozen chicken fingers and flipping burgers a good way of practising my cooking techniques.

Even though I left culinary school I would still cook whenever I could, but with my life getting busy at school, cooking was placed on the back burner. I was bogged down with writing articles and finishing assignments, and I noticed the odd time I could cook it was more of a struggle then I’m used to.
Which led me to wonder, have I lost my cooking technique or have I just lost focus of the art of cooking? I have decided to recreate dishes from Top Chef Canada to test my skill. They’re not necessarily the winning dishes of the episode, but something I can draw inspiration from.

I just want to take a second to address a couple things about the upcoming season.

1. There is a new host. I wasn’t that impressed with Thea Andrews. I felt she sounded too much like a broadcaster, which she is. The new host is actress Lisa Ray, who I don’t know much about besides the fact she was once on an episode of George S. for her modelling work. We’ll see how she does.

2.The contestants will still be running around Loblaws, I guess they gave Food Network Canada the most money. Personally, I think it’s ridiculous. Loblaws has a weekly one hour commercial on the network with Recipes to Riches and they want Top Chef as well?

3. Holy Ontario. Out of the 16 contestants, 10 of them work in the province of Ontario. It takes place in Toronto, and the majority of contestants are from Ontario? Way to alienate the rest of Canada. It’s Top Chef CANADA, not Top Chef Ontario.

All that being said, lets focus on the real star of the show: the food. I have a new site and I’m really looking forward to creating recipes again this year. The second season premieres next week.

I will post the results soon…


One thought on “Can I Still Cook Like a Top Chef? Season Two.

  1. I’ll be looking forward to your innovated recipes…. I’m running out of ideas
    for dinners. I was impressed with the Christmas cookies you baked and
    posted on facebook, so I am certain you haven’t lost your cooking technique.

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